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8 popular myths about veneers

Do you want a healthy smile, but still doubt that veneers are the way to go? We understand that this topic is surrounded by a huge number of myths. We decided that we needed to make a checklist of popular myths about veneers and disprove them.

Myth 1. Your teeth are bad, and veneers will only aggravate the situation.

Perhaps the most common myth. Before installing veneers, doctors completely treat all teeth. Only after the doctor makes sure that there are no carious lesions or inflammation in the oral cavity, veneers will be installed.

Myth 2. Preparation for installation is painful

Dental intervention, of course, can hardly be called pleasant. There is such a thing as “must” – in matters of dentistry it is used. Yes, the preparation can be unpleasant, but there is always anesthesia or sedation to help neutralize the pain.

Myth 3. Veneers are very expensive.

Expensive or not is a relative concept. For some, the amount for installing a veneer will be everyday, while someone saves up for this procedure for several years. This is normal, because we are all different and we all have different wealth. In addition, there is nothing more valuable than your own comfort, health and aesthetics.

It is also necessary to understand that the manufacture of veneers is a complex and painstaking work. If somewhere you are offered to make veneers for very cheap, this means that their quality will correspond to the price. You may have to pay extra to redo the work.

Myth 4. Installing veneers is a long time.

If you want ceramic veneers, then the process from measurements to installation will take 7-10 days. It is also worth considering the time that you spend on treatment. If there are not many problems, then add another 1-2 weeks. If there are a lot of affected teeth, then get ready for the fact that you will have to wait several months before installation.

By the way, if you decide that you need composite veneers, the work will be ready in a couple of days. Much depends on how busy the specialist is.

Myth 5. There is no point in veneers, it is better to replace all teeth at once

Veneers are a way out of a situation where your own teeth are prone to carious processes and do not differ in diamond strength. They are made so that a person can walk with his natural teeth as long as possible.

You should know that any prosthetics is a risk. The body of each person is individual. Someone perfectly tolerates the prosthetics of 10 teeth, and someone remembers the prosthetics of one with fear.

Myth 6. Veneers are fragile and you can’t eat nuts with them.

Unfortunately, a person is so arranged that if something can be broken, he will definitely break it. Veneers are made from composite materials and ceramics. Ceramic has the highest strength. Composite veneers will have to be treated with more care.

Myth 7. Veneers look unnatural.

The fashion for acid white teeth has long passed. True, there are still people who make just such veneers. We do not know why they choose this particular look, it is either their preference and taste, or the low level of professionalism of the specialist.

A good doctor is always for the veneers to be natural, with the natural structure of the tooth and a unique color that matches the shade of the patient’s enamel.

Myth 8. Veneers require complex care.

All teeth need regular care. Veneers also need to be cleaned, treated with a special rinse and try not to gnaw on caramel. Soft toothbrushes and light toothpastes that do not contain abrasive particles are suitable for them.

If you have heard somewhere that veneers are fragile, very expensive, very difficult to care for, painful and pointless - know that these are myths that have nothing to do with the truth.

8 popular myths about veneers | help me clinic

If you have heard somewhere that veneers are fragile, very expensive, very difficult to care for, painful and pointless - know that these are myths that have nothing to do with the truth.

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