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All about medicine in Belarus

Belarus has a socially oriented economy, so most medical services are provided free of charge. Residents can call a specialist at home, take pictures or lie down for an examination. Clinics are financed from the state budget. But patients often buy medicine at their own expense.

There are 4 medical universities in the country, which graduate more than 1000 specialists per year. But they tend to go abroad: to Germany, the USA, Poland, Lithuania. A doctor in Belarus is a demanded vacancy. There are not enough specialists. Doctors have to work 2 rates for small salaries.

The country is still under pressure from private clinics and medical centers. Their functionality is limited. Doctors of the first and highest category are hired. Basically, these are such areas as dentistry, diagnostic / consultation centers, ophthalmology, pharmacies. If a patient needs complex treatment, then he is forced to go to a state hospital, where there are also paid services, the quality of which is not very different from the usual ones. And by the way, there is a plan for paid services that doctors are trying to fulfill.

If a foreigner is at the reception, then it is almost impossible to refuse the imposed services. There are paid wards, but again, if there are no places, then a budget patient will be put in such a ward. They say there is almost no corruption here.

The situation with medicines is difficult. In pharmacies there is a struggle between local and imported drugs. The government demands dominance of the market for local medicines, including generics. They are actively supplied to hospitals. The state holding Belpharmprom operates in the country. More than 50% of medicines on the shelves are drugs from Belarus, the quality of which is also controversial.

Of the benefits – an ambulance, which is at a high level. The brigades are well equipped and will arrive on call within 10-20 minutes for almost any reason. In Belarus, such a direction as oncology is developed. High efficiency of treatment was noted. Doctors detect more than 60% of tumors in the first stages. What is the cause of this morbidity? After the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, more than 70% of radiation emissions ended up on the territory of the country. More than 30% of funding is directed specifically to the fight against oncology.

Many specialists are trained in medical centers in the USA and Europe, which confirms their high qualification. Treatment methods are used: stem cell transplantation, thermochemotherapy. Complicated operations on blood vessels and the heart are performed. Foreign patients come to Belarus to see a plastic surgeon. By the way, it is recorded that pregnancy with the help of IVF occurs in 42% of cases. This indicator is comparable with the results of foreign clinics.

Medical tourism in Belarus is gaining momentum. More than 100 thousand foreigners come for treatment every year. Popular areas are cardiology, transplantology, dentistry, plastic surgery. Speleotherapy is considered a promising branch. Many do not need a visa to come for treatment. Patients are bribed by low prices, strict control by the state apparatus and good quality.

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