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Can moles be removed?

It is difficult to find a person on whose body there would be no moles. In medical reference books, they are called nevi and are a cluster of pigment cells that look like a brown spot or tubercle. In most cases, such formations are not harmful, although there are situations when they become malignant, so it is important to monitor them in order to prevent the appearance of malignant melanoma. Quite often, moles that are slightly raised above the skin cause discomfort when they cling to clothes or interfere with shaving.

Reasons for the appearance

Nevi appear when skin cells (melanocytes) accumulate in groups when they grow together with the tissues that surround them. Scientists around the world who specialize in the study of skin anomalies still cannot say the exact cause of the appearance of moles. The only thing that is known for certain is that the number of such formations is inherited.

Melanocytes are the producers of melanin, a natural pigment that gives the skin a dark hue. Most often, nevi are harmless and do not require special monitoring, but dysplastic formations can form, which may turn out to be malignant.

When to See a Doctor

When reaching the age of more than 30 years after the appearance of new moles, it is worth contacting a dermatologist. If the nevi cause pain, itch, bleed, become inflamed, or drastically change their shape, size, or color, then this is a reason to visit a doctor in order to find out whether melanoma is developing or not. If such a disease is detected in a timely manner, then the treatment is quick and painless, leaving no traces and not resuming.

When and how can a mole be removed

The main reasons for removing moles are:

  • Constant discomfort – it interferes with shaving, dressing, walking;
  • Prevention of skin cancer, especially in risk groups, which include people with the appropriate heredity;
  • Cosmetic desires – education is on the face, spoils the appearance and is the cause of self-doubt.

There are a lot of options for removing nevi:

  • Surgical intervention – the formation is removed with healthy tissues around it, the method is effective, but a scar remains;
  • Surgical shaving – the formation is shaved along with the tissues. Demanded in order to remove small moles;
  • Laser removal is a new method, characterized by high efficiency and safety, as it allows you to get rid of almost any moles;
  • Electrocoagulation – based on a thermal electrical burn of the formation, designed for small nevi;
  • Chemical coagulation – the use of special formulations applied to the skin and causing a small burn;
  • Cryodestruction – removal with liquid nitrogen, requires several sessions.

To delete or not to delete?

Many experts are inclined to believe that it makes sense to remove moles, especially those that interfere with a full and comfortable life. The choice of removal method should be determined only by the doctor, after a full examination and possible examination, but practice shows that it is worth using laser equipment – the safest, most effective and painless.

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