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How does a hair transplant take place?

Those who are not satisfied with their hair have to either shave their heads bald or sign up for a hair transplant. Previously, this delicate problem was solved by wearing wigs. But the situation changed after 1939.

The Japanese Suji Okuda was a surgeon who performed more than 100 operations on volunteers, and used a small perforator for this. With a tool, he drilled small areas of skin with 1-4 hair follicles – grafts from the back of the head.

In the 60s, 1 hair was already removed, making the transplant process more natural. And years later, surgeons agreed that it was more rational to transplant hair in bunches that have a common sebaceous gland. Grafts, as a material, are taken mechanically or manually. If we calculate that a person has an average of 100,000 hairs on his head, then only 1,500 are cut out by hand.

They transplant only their own material. Foreign follicles will not take root. Hair is taken from the head and body.

Modern methods of hair transplantation

Nowadays, there are two methods of hair transplantation related to the field of medicine – these are FUE and FUT. Hair transplant itself is not a complex procedure. The patient can go about his business. If the doctor needs more grafts for transplantation, then he can take a microturbine for this purpose and extract 2 times more follicles. Such manipulations require serious experience and practice.

The seamless FUE method refers to a painless procedure with minimal trauma. After it, there are no scars and scars. The procedure lasts an average of 3 hours. Grafts are taken from any part of the body, for example, from the beard.

Hair transplantation takes place in several stages:

  • The patient is given local anesthesia and the grafts are drilled out with a special tool – a punch. It is a metal handle with a tube with a diameter of up to 0.9.
  • In the area requiring transplantation, small incisions are made – channels that are not sutured.
  • The grafts are placed into these channels with tweezers in a certain order. The result is as natural as possible.

With the FUT suture method, a skin area with hair follicles is separated and transferred to the area requiring correction. This method is used for severe baldness and takes place in three stages:

  • With a scalpel, strips of skin are cut from the back of the head and divided into grafts.
  • The edges of the wounds are pulled together with sutures.
  • The grafts are ready for transplantation. The doctor can perform the procedure manually or using an instrument.

A common disadvantage of the procedures is the need to shave the selected area before removing the grafts. Shaving is prohibited if a large number of transplant tufts are required.

After a transplant, the hair will initially grow naughty and even curly, but this problem can be eliminated after a couple of haircuts. If scars remain that confuse, then in this case trichopigmentation is done.

The doctor does not care where to transplant the follicles: mustache, beard, eyebrows, sideburns. More than 95% will definitely take root. The result always depends on the well-being and health of the patient and the skills of the doctor. A few weeks after the transplant, some of the hair will fall off, but this renewal is a natural process. New hairs begin to grow after 2 months. And the final result is evaluated one year after the procedure.

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