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Removing a lump on the thumb

The formation of a bump on the big toe of one or both feet is called hallux valgus in medicine. Such a problem not only causes discomfort from the fact that the feet look ugly, but a lot of pain that a person periodically experiences. Experts say that if this problem is not addressed in time, the bump will increase in size, become even more inflamed and lead to problems with the efficiency of the musculoskeletal system and even curvature of the spine.

That is why the removal of a painful growth is a responsible surgical operation, and when preparing for it and in the postoperative period, it is important to take into account many nuances.

Preparation and methods for removing a bone on the leg

If, after the diagnosis, doctors strongly recommend removing the build-up, then the patient is prescribed certain procedures that are included in the preoperative preparatory phase. Among them are:

  • X-ray of the foot, performed from different sides;
  • MRI, which allows to reveal hidden pathologies;
  • Densitometry, which determines osteoporosis;
  • Clinical blood test;
  • ECG and fluorogram;
  • Tests for hepatitis B and C.

After passing all the necessary tests and undergoing preliminary preparatory procedures, the removal of hallux valgus can be carried out in two ways:

Open. With this operation, a deep incision is made in the soft tissue, allowing the doctor to have a complete view of the build-up and freely perform its removal.

Closed. This method involves making a miniature incision in soft tissue, through which special microsurgical instruments are inserted inside, and with their help all the required manipulations are performed.

Although manipulations performed in a closed way are less traumatic, they require advanced qualifications and practical experience of physicians.

Depending on how much the big toe on one or both legs of the patient is curved, as well as the size of the bone growths, the surgeon can choose the most effective method for eliminating:

  1. Extotic resection. During the process, the bone formation in the area of ​​​​the phalanx of the finger is removed, and the main bone, together with the joint, is not affected;
  2. Hohmann osteotomy. Simultaneously with the growth, a part of the first metatarsal bone is also removed, and after undergoing rehabilitation, the thumb becomes less mobile;
  3. Operation McBride. Carrying out such an operation, the surgeon, in addition to removing the main growth, shortens the stretched muscle, due to which the functional features of the foot are restored;
  4. Removal according to Vreden-Mayo. This technique is focused on those people whose hallux valgus is clearly expressed, and among them there are usually many elderly people;
  5. Reconstruction by the CITO method. As part of this procedure, the joint is replaced with a prosthesis, which is made in advance from the patient’s tissues.

The operation to remove a large bump on the toe is not a very complicated surgical procedure, therefore, by choosing a well-known clinic and a qualified specialist, the patient can forever forget about the painful and painful pathology that causes him a lot of suffering and inconvenience.

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