Main Topical Articles Where is euthanasia allowed for foreigners?

Where is euthanasia allowed for foreigners?

Euthanasia is the voluntary termination of life. It is used in medicine in some countries in relation to seriously ill patients who experience unbearable pain and have no chance of being cured. In most countries, euthanasia is prohibited even with the consent of the patient and his relatives. It is believed that the preservation of human life is the main task of medicine, and the chance to overcome the disease happens even in the most difficult cases.

However, euthanasia is a rather controversial phenomenon in itself, there are both opponents and supporters of the procedure. In some countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, it is allowed. Euthanasia is also carried out in a number of US states: Oregon, Washington, Montana, Vermont, California.

Which countries allow euthanasia for foreigners?

Euthanasia for foreigners is legal in Switzerland. There are often taken foreign patients who have no chance of recovery, are experiencing an incurable disease. The cost of euthanasia varies, but in general, it is an expensive procedure that costs several thousand euros.

The country provides full legal and medical support to patients, their condition is carefully examined, a verdict is issued on the advisability of euthanasia, because it may be that a person has a chance to recover, just that he was previously diagnosed incorrectly.

The procedure for euthanasia

A mandatory basis for euthanasia is the consent of the patient, which is problematic if the patient is unconscious.

For the appointment of euthanasia, it is necessary to write an application, and it must be confirmed from time to time to make sure that the patient wishes. Further, the work of a special committee is organized, which includes medical workers, psychologists, and lawyers. They study the medical history, determine if there are reasons for euthanasia. It is also important to make sure that there is no effective way to save the patient from suffering, except by euthanasia.

After the request for euthanasia is approved and the patient’s intention is confirmed, the procedure is legally formalized. Modern medical technologies make it possible to carry out euthanasia almost painlessly, and barbiturate-based drugs are often used for this.

Arguments of supporters and opponents of euthanasia

Supporters of euthanasia talk about the right of a person to euthanasia if his condition is incurable, and he is experiencing severe pain. There is no point in continuing the pain if there is no cure. In addition, maintaining the life of an incurable patient requires serious financial and time expenditures, and is often limited to a short period of time. The patient simply spends days waiting to die, with no chance of recovery.

Opponents of euthanasia consider suicide a sin, making no exceptions. In addition, there is a possibility of erroneous euthanasia, when either the patient’s desire is interpreted incorrectly, or he is given an incorrect diagnosis.

The use of euthanasia is certainly a difficult decision. However, in particularly difficult cases, when it is clearly established that the treatment of the patient is impossible and there is no effective way to end the suffering, euthanasia can be carried out.

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