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To patients
Can I select several clinics at once and contact them?

Yes, you can contact several clinics at once.

It took 3 days, but the clinic did not respond to my request. What to do?

If you have not received a response from the clinic, please contact our support service, be sure to indicate the name of the clinic:

I can't find a clinic for my case. How to be?

We are sorry that we could not help you. We recently launched this service and now there are not many clinics on it. You can return to the site after a while. We are confident that the list of clinics will be actively replenished, and you will be able to find a clinic for your case.

The clinic asks for an advance payment. This is fine?

Please note that the use of our service is absolutely free, and clinics are carefully moderated before publication. However, some clinics may provide paid services, including video consultations. Be careful and do not transfer money if in doubt.

If the service is free, who is funding you?

Our service is absolutely free for patients, but for placement on the site, clinics will issue a paid subscription.

To clinics
WhatsApp and Telegram are banned in our country. How can we be?

In this case, you can use a VPN.

Why does the aggregator only have 50 countries for treatment?

For our service, we have selected the top of the most attractive countries for medical tourism.

Our language is not in the clinic registration form. Why?

We are sorry that your language was not found during registration. At the moment, we have listed only 25 of the most common languages in the survey. We plan to grow and develop and will try to add more languages soon.

What determines the place of the clinic in the search results?

The place in the search results depends on the amount of information that you provide when filling out the questionnaire. When filled at 100%, your place is higher than that of other clinics. In addition, the place is influenced by the rating, which is formed by patients who left a review.

We want to carry out a promotion and send a newsletter. Where to go?

For mailing, write to the specified e-mail address:

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